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Purple Stripe

Granola - Gluten Free

Our winning Granola is famous for its soft texture and awesome taste. We begin with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free oats. Adding Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, Craisins.  With no sugar added we blend in a small amount of Molasses to keep the glycemic value low for diabetics, children and those who want to lower their sugar intake. 
A real favorite of our customers.

Available Gluten Free and soon  100% Organic.

Strega Nonna’s Market creates gourmet Olive Mixes from Organic olives from around the world.  One of our mixes - The Spicy Olive Mix starts with olives from Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain.  We blend in a secret combination of Sweet and Hot Peppers, many of which we grow ourselves or buy locally.

Nine  Olive Cayenne Spicy Olive Mix
Granola - Organic
All olives are pesticide free with all natural ingredients

We create 100% of our culinary art for your epicurean pleasure.  All our Local and Mediterranean ingredients are either Organic or grown naturally and pesticide free.  Starting with the finest Olives, Spices and Vegetables, we create an ever-changing variety of Olive mixes, Antipasti and Bruschetta delicacies. Nonna’s chefs Michael and Sherry invite you to enjoy our creations.

Stuffed Cherry Peppers
Feta Cheese Filled Peppers
Greek Gigandes Beans
Italian Antipasti and Bruschetta
Exotic Olives Mixes and Parings
Gluten Free Granola

Our Antipasti is truly a work of devotion and culinary art.  First, we find the finest award winning ingredients and then we create our magic.  We draw from our rich heritage and cooking experiences to craft great Antipasti delicacies that are delicious eaten alone or as part of a meal to desire again and again.